Full Communion Celebration

Essex Presbytery
Detroit Metropolitan Association

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That All May Be One

Remits 1-4 Discussion

Tuesday, January 17th
6:30 to 9 pm
Essex United Church

Bring your copies of the remits and any questions

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Stamps for Bibles
Collection Site

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Glenwood United Church

Stamps for CBS
Thank YOU for your Donation

A Huge TP box filled with used stamps was recently taken to the Canadian Bible Society!
Please keep saving these as we strive to share God's Word with others.

Bibles for Baptism

Infant children's and adult Bibles are available for your church to present to those who are baptised. 
Please contact Rev. Cathy regarding this program of the Canadian Bible Society

Church Shopping

Churches of
Windsor/Essex County

Find a church home near you!
In both Windsor and Essex County, there are over 20 pastoral charges worshipping and serving Jesus Christ as part of the United Church of Canada.

GessTwood Camp


Minutes away from Windsor, GessTwood offers peace and tranquility along with: